Redmine – Remove project named « Documents »

Screenshot of Documents-named project error

When you use Redmine (a web project management like Trac), you shouldn’t create a project named « Documents ».

This is an issue being corrected, but I did it. When you create a such project, you can’t edit settings, remove it, and in some words : manage it.

The only thing you want, is to reverse what you did. In my case, I just wanted to erase the project. I wonder how, because the web settings for this project wasn’t working.

My first thought was to erase it directly on Mysql, but it wasn’t safe.  Some side-effect may occurs with this solution.

So here is was I did :

  •  Detect the problem

The problem is really simple to detect. You can’t edit settings or access the project.


Screenshot of Documents-named project error

  •  Correct it

  • Modifiy the file $REDMINE/config/routes.rb

{codecitation class= »brush: ruby; »} map.connect ‘issues/:issue_id/relations/:action/:id’, :controller => ‘issue_relations’
  map.connect ‘projects/:project_id/issues/:action’, :controller => ‘issues’
  map.connect ‘projects/:project_id/news/:action’, :controller => ‘news’

# comment this line to disable Documents routing
#  map.connect ‘projects/:project_id/documents/:action’, :controller => ‘documents’
  map.connect ‘projects/:project_id/boards/:action/:id’, :controller => ‘boards’
  map.connect ‘projects/:project_id/timelog/:action/:id’, :controller => ‘timelog’, :project_id => /.+/
  map.connect ‘boards/:board_id/topics/:action/:id’, :controller => ‘messages’ {/codecitation}

  • Restart the server
$ $REDMINE/script/server -e PRODUCTION
  •  Delete the project from the web application

Once the server is restarted, you can browse Redmine and delete your project.

  • Restore the file $REDMINE/config/routes.rb by uncommenting the line you commented.
  • Restart the server and promise to not create another project named « Documents » ;){jcomments on}



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